Vida e Caffè

Vida e Caffè has become a new fav for the fem duo. 

We love the brand, the sheer energy that is felt in their store as well as their general philosophy.

The following best explains the Vida e Caffè philosophy!

Passion, or as the Portuguese majimbos and majimbettes say, ‘paixão’ (pronounced
‘pie-sha’), is at the core of the Vida way. Paixão is ingrained in our body and soul. It’s
that infectious power that turns the ordinary into the extraordinary, the mundane into
the magnificent. Paixão IS energy. And ‘Vida e Caffè’ IS ‘life and coffee’. It’s how we
live. No coffee, No life, No Passion, No Point.



We just love our Vida coffee chats when we have time or when we are on the run, we get a quick “grab & go”!

Vida e Caffe   Vida e Caffe -Grab and go   Vida e Caffe - Fem  Duo



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