The Traveling Fashionista

Standing in front of my cupboard, staring aimlessly, deep down having a very dramatic little breakdown, thinking I have absolutely nothing to take on holiday with me.

After wasting very valuable packing time, I decided to start writing a checklist going day by day writing down each activity and the linking my outfits, accompanying accessories, shoes, sunnies and a good sling bag. 

Besides the fab checklist, the following are also great to keep in mind when packing for a summer holiday;

  • Mix and match items of clothing to suit the always changing weather.

  • Pack one go to jacket – In my case, my good ol’faithful denim or black leather jacket.

  • Always try narrow down on the shoes, they take up a LOADS of space and

  • I never end up wearing half of them.

  • Roll your clothes, it’s an awesome way to reduce creasing.

  • A saving space tip is to pack underwear and costumes in the grooves at the bottom of your back.

  • Put all toiletries in zip locks to prevent spillage due to the pressure change. Imagine your cleanser leaking all over your favourite tops and shorts!! It would be disastrous #dying.

I always carry my make up and jewellery in my hand luggage to be able to keep a watchful eye on my pride and joys. Also, always remember to lock and/or wrap your bag. I don’t know about you but my clothes are so so so important to me, I would be extremely devastated if my things were tamped with.

You’re then basically ready to rock and roll…… AND not to mention the massive sigh of relief when you put your bag on the scale and you are not over the weight restriction #winning.







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