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Summer is our favorite time of year; longer days, warmer weather and lots of outdoor activities. To make your life easier we want to share our outfit ideas for the upcoming summer holidays.

In the pics below, G is sporting a super cool vibe with the following items:


Mirrored Sunglasses

Mirrored sunnies are the no-fail lenses you’ll wear all-year ‘round; there are plenty of sunglasses trends to try this summer but the classic mirrored lens is having a moment of its own this season!

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Necklace Layering

Mystified by the world of necklace layering? We feel you, and to help, here are some tips to share of jewelry’s most lofty art form.

The layering trend started with bracelets and bangles for several seasons, which fashionista’s dubbed as an “arm party”.

Gone are the bib necklaces that evoke a Cleopatra-like vibe. Instead, style pundits are snatching up delicate necklaces that, when worn solo, are feminine and simple. But fashion being fashion, that cunning creature that forces us to reimagine and create art with what we wear, it is not content with simple.


However, before you throw the content of your jewelry box around your neck, here are a few tips to help you achieve the look.

  • Go for a graduated effect by wearing delicate and dainty shorter necklaces with slightly chunkier, longer ones.
  • Start at the top with the first piece being the shortest necklace of the bunch with a dainty pendant as the starting point. If your necklace “fights” the neckline of your top, start layering below the neckline.
  • If you are fearless when it comes to fashion, mix it up even more by combining and wearing different metals i.e. layer gold, rose gold or silver.
  • Pendants on the longest piece work well, as the weight of the bauble creates a visual frame for the other necklaces.
  • Don’t think you have to stop at three ... Adding strings of necklaces is key to creating a look to give you a sophisticated yet slightly boho style.


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Lace-up Sandals

The perfect summer outfit that you can dress up or down, or carry you from day to night is a plain dress, a pair of flat lace-up sandals and a cool handbag.

With the FEM range of string lace-up sandals there are various styling options depending on how you choose to tie the laces. The most flattering way for most woman is to tie them around the bottom of the calf and not higher; this position also eliminates them from sliding down during the day.

These sandals are very versatile and can be worn with most of your summer outfits.


Clutch Handbag

Carrying a pouch or clutch handbag creates a fresh and effortless look. There is something about the aesthetics of a strapless bag that screams “graphic modern fabness”.

G is wearing the Gigi Clutch which is one of the FEM bags in the FEM collection that will be launching next week and will be available on the FEM “Fashion for Sale” on-line store.


Now go explore the Fashion for Sale page and create your own style.





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