My Top 5 Vaca Moments in Thailand

Thailand has always been a must see on my list of places to visit and while still in my wanderlust spirits, I jumped at the opportunity of accompanying my friends on their anniversary getaway.

So where do I start?

Thailand’s full of culture, history, food, fun and most importantly, fashion – so to keep this short and sweet, I’m going to talk about the 5 best moments I experienced while on this trip.


1. Songkran Water Festival  

The Songkran Water Festival is the Thai New Year’s festival celebrated in April. It consists of three full days of street parties where the throwing of water (at everyone and anyone) has become a highlight.   

Naturally, not knowing what to expect, I was dressed for a night out on the town with my hair freshly blow waved. Little did I know I was going to get drenched. Fear not though, the Taiwanese had me sorted with the cutest space buns that have now become a great go to style for all occasions.

Word to the wise, if you’re in the area during this time, embrace the water!   

Thailand Vaca - Space Buns   Thailand Vaca - Songkran Festival

2. Phi Phi

You know those postcards with crystal blue seas, white beaches and limestone rocks? Well that’s Phi Phi Island for you – it’s honestly paradise! And the only way to enjoy paradise is sipping a cocktail in a bikini.

There’s not much more to say than that. If you want to relax in absolute beauty (and enjoy a boat trip or two around the island and infamous rocks) then Phi Phi is a must on your bucket list.


Thailand Vaca - Phi Phi   Thailand Vaca - Phi Phi 2 
Thailand Vaca - Phi Phi 1   Thailand Vaca - Long Boat

3. Night life

Bangla road, Phuket is where you have to be if you’re looking for a party! The night life is insane to say the least and the warm weather gives you the opportunity to wear your gorgeous jumpsuits and show off your tans.

Be warned though … it’s ‘out there’ and the entertainment is not what you would ordinarily find on your average night out for drinks. You might feel a little out of your comfort zone once or twice, but regardless, it’s good fun, good drinks and a good party at the end of the day (or night)!


4. Elephant safari

Being a lover of all animals, visiting the elephant sanctuary was not a question for me and getting to go on the elephant safari was an experience like no other. A little rocky, but unforgettable.

Unlike our elephants here in South Africa, Asian elephants are smaller and have no tusks but their size is still majestic.

Other than the safari, we also experienced elephant interaction and got close and personal with these beautiful animals. The most comforting part of this was to see how well looked after and treated the elephants were – it definitely is a sanctuary with them at heart.

Thailand Vaca - Elephant Safari   Thailand Vaca - Elephant Safari 2

5. Caves

Remember the limestone rocks at Phi Phi Island we spoke about earlier? Well most of them are hollow in the middle and we got the opportunity to drift through them during low tide.

This is done on a small, two man raft that takes us in and around these rocks to experience the full beauty and wonder of these natural creations. BTW, I decided to embrace the full costume trend and I am definitely a fan of this style, I loved wearing my full cossy. 

It really was such a soul enriching adventure and I absolutely loved every minute of this vaca. If you’ve been to Thailand, let us know where and tell us what your favourite moments were!


Thailand Vaca - Full Costume Trend   
Thailand Vaca - Cave Tour 3   Thailand Vaca - Cave Tour 2   
Thailand Vaca - Cave Tour 1   Thailand Cava - Cave Tour 4


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