Galago African Shoe Collection

C and I came across this super cool, African inspired range of sandals.

Naturally, my first thought was I need to have these!

I bought one sole and 3 different colour rope straps, and instantly had 3 new pairs of shoes. The collection from Galago includes different options and styles to suit everyone's desires and is a truly a diverse brand.

Galago Sandals

Galago is the long-time sartorial dream of founder and fashion entrepreneur Adhiambo Mula - Lauwers, who established the much-loved sandal label in Johannesburg in late 2012.

After working in the fashion industry, first as an international model, then as a fashion show producer at SA Fashion Week, the Kenyan native strutted her way into the shoe business step by stylish step.

 Her 7 years as a model sealed the relationship between her entrepreneurial spirit, a trait she got from her industrious mother, and her love for shoes. 

For 3 years Lauwers imported luxury shoes from Europe’s most renowned labels and sold them to her clientele before she realized a gap in the local shoe market – there was a need for locally produced quality leather footwear.

Adhiambo Mula - Lauwers founder of Galago

Why sandals? “Well, being born and raised in the sunny coastal town of Mombasa, where there was every kind of sandal, from intricate Masaai beaded to the “Akala”; the hardy tyre sandal. 

So the journey began, how could we take this a step further? Why not change color, style texture? What if we could make 7 different styles with one shoe? One for every day of the week?”

And that is how Galago was born.

In addition to bridging the style and price gap, Galago is committed to honoring its African heritage and does this by sourcing its materials, from Africa using African hands to stitch and sew its signature custom leather soles.

Galago’s is allowing the customer to design her own style, a trend-cum-practice perfectly suited for our 21st Century mindsets, for which the right to choice has become a fundamental right!

Most importantly, these one-of-a-kind African inspired sandals will be just a click away here on Fem’s "Fashion for Sale" Page, very soon.

G and Adhiambo


C & G

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