FEM's New Handbag Line

FEM is celebrating the launch of our new FAB handbag collection!!!

You will find all the bags marked down 10% but only until 31st December.

FEM is launching a much anticipated line of handbags which is a combination of lush textures of different leathers with each bag being designed with the intention to be beautiful but also functional.

The range is meticulously handcrafted with first-class quality genuine leather and each bag assembled using techniques perfected over time. C&G has spent much time enjoying the process of creating the designs that reflects FEM’s distinctive edge. Each bag in the range is unique and reflects the character of its audience which is being confident, fashionable and style-conscious.

The range offers every woman the luxury of a handmade original piece that inspires a sense of mystery and adventure in her everyday lifestyle.

Part of the collection the collection is designed incorporating the latest fashion trends and some designs represent a combination of timeless classics. The FEM commitment is for each bag to be first-class quality using precise workmanship and techniques perfected over time.

FEM handbags embody quality, beauty and longevity to not only create an alluring and unique product but also the assurance of lasting a long time. Some of the leather due to the natural environment that it originates from might have natural flaws, which add to the uniqueness of each bag and a reflection of the beautiful element of leather.









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