Fem Beauty Hero Review: Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate

In the Fem Beauty Hero Product Reviews, we will take a look at skincare products and assessing why exactly you have to make space for them in your beauty routine and whether they are worth the hype.


Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate

What type of product is it?

The Kiehl’s bestselling Midnight Recovery Concentrate is luxurious facial oil formulated to be used at night. The aim of the product is to enhance your skin’s night time natural recovery process by restoring tone and radiance thanks to the essential oils and botanicals used in the formulation.

Who should use it?

The Recovery Concentrate is ideal for skin that is in need of revitalisation and hydration, so those showing signs of ageing at any age group. More precisely it is an anti-aging product that preserves the youth of the skin and boosts cell regeneration. A very oily skin might find it too rich but with the moisture properties and ingredients it is most ideal for a dry skin.

How to use it?

Two to three drops to be massaged into cleansed skin. In the summer or on a more oily skin it can be used on its own, or followed with a moisturiser. A drop or two of the Midnight Recovery oil can also be mixed into your regular moisturiser if you prefer not applying oils directly to your skin.

Why a hero product?

Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate is one of the brands best-sellers and a “cult” skincare product that has won 22 international awards. The reason for classifying it as a hero product is not the awards but the radiance of my skin that I noticed within two weeks of using it. My skin is much more hydrated and dewy in the morning, without leaving any oil residue. Two to three drops is all you need to pamper your skin every night to ensure you wake up with a more radiant and plumper complexion.


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